Vision & Mision Crew Manning Agent

To become a world-class marine service provider using local expertise and technology

Become a company where every professional wants to work, and

Become the most innovative and most attractive company with the best crew and financial performance.


Our goal is to become a leading shipping company, oil and gas industry and become the most reliable service crew. We will provide a variety of crew services tailored to the needs of many diverse customers. Whether you are involved in general construction, shipping, utilities, heavy industry etc., there are crew & services that we can offer to you and your business.

By appointing us as your preferred Agent or Crewing service provider, we can maximize added value and reduce costs at the same time.

We offer adjustments; customers are given value benefits through adaptable and flexible adaptations.

Our main business focuses on the oil and gas and maritime industries. At present, our business is centered on crew services, boat rental, ship management and training & consulting.

We are aggressive players in crew services, best reflected in companies that have a crew database of more than 1000 people.

Our crew provides new service dimensions for oil companies & the marine industry by offering crews with the highest levels of competency, proactive initiatives, and providing alternatives & solutions in difficult times.

This is achieved by

Our management team & direct crew are seafarers themselves and have well understood the latest requirements & operating requirements on land & offshore.

We get absolute control in managing our own crew and providing Crew Services and Management to our clients. The company provides shipowner’s status information directly about many aspects of management / crew services and ongoing monitoring & auditing of our managed crew to ensure that the crew complies with the regulations.

We also have competent personnel who understand well in ship management, crew services, and management.

We also provide crew training & consulting services for existing offshore players and the marine industry and promote industries to support industries such as financial and insurance institutions. Training & consulting services are not limited to meeting training requirements and producing ordinary seafarers.

We aim to become a leading skills training center to drive the industry to a higher level.